dumb svn question from long-time user

If I am working in a branch and I want to update it with the latest changes from the trunk, from the command line I simply type "svn merge http://server/path/to/trunk".

How do I do this from with the IDE?



You would use the "Integrate Project..." menu item from the "Version Control" menu. From there you can select the revisions from the trunk to merge from.

Why they couldn't call that menu item "Merge" (or "Diff & Merge") is beyond me.


Personally I don't trust IDEs to do merging. I stick to the command line for that. I already find merging to be somewhat magical so I would prefer to not add a level of abstraction on top of magic :-)

After merging I then go into IntelliJ and commit from there (manually resolving conflicts if there were any first of course)



so, "source 1" would be my current project, i.e. the branch... and then "source 2" would be the trunk that i'm pulling changes from ??

also, what does the "use ancestry" actually do?  (i already read the help message)


No - actually - both sources would be from the trunk. You'll typically be merging the changes made to the trunk from the revision where you created the branch to the HEAD revision. Do you have the "svn-book.pdf" document? If not, download it and read through the section on branching and merging. I had to read it a couple of times but it will really make things clear for you.

I'm sorry but I'm not sure what "Use Ancestry" does.


From looking at that dialog I would guess that IntelliJ does not yet support Subversion 1.5's merge tracking. That dialog appears to want you to input the two revisions you want to diff and apply the changes to the working copy of the current project.

If you want to take advantage of 1.5's merge tracking you are probably going to have to stick with the command-line. I could be wrong, but I don't see support for merge tracking in that dialog.


You are probably correct, but I wouldn't know - my company is not on 1.5 yet so I haven't been able to try out that feature.


According to this, it appears that merge tracking support is included in IntelliJ 8. This is good since we're planning on upgrading our repository to 1.5 tonight. Can't wait to try this out - merge tracking looks great.


thanks.  that helps.

but it sure would be nice to see something here http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/training/demos.html or here http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/documentation/documentation.html

a step-by-step on either update a branch with latest from trunk or integrating a branch back into trunk i think would cover 80% of what people do with version control and branching (probably 95%, the other 5% being merging two branches)


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