Configuring webroots

Dediced to finally test J2EE support I've been hacking around with my project: manually defined some of my modules as EJB modules (type="J2EE_EJB_MODULE") and one of the modules as a WEB module (type="J2EE_WEB_MODULE").

Great, now IDEA is using my deployment descriptors and I'm able to edit them using the graphical designer, nice. Except that the web.xml designer seems to be incomplete. The feature I'm missing is defining the module web root(s). I noticed a button that's supposed to do that, but nothing happens after I close the designer. Checking the .iml file, there's still no webroot defined after that.

So, here's the question: how should I edit the .iml file to inform IDEA about my webroots? I've noticed a <webroots/> element in the file. What's supposed to be in there (in XML terms)?

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