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I've converted an application project over from NetBeans 6 to IDEA 8, and I've created all the global libraries and linked them to the module etc. However, I can't find a way to include these in the distribution build. What NetBeans did was create a "lib" directory and include all the jars from the
libraries for that module, and also add them to the class-path entry in the manifest file.

I've tried including the libraries in the application jar itself, and then adding that jar to the classpath when I try to run the application but it can't find the classes from the libraries.

How do you package and distribute an application and all its libraries with IDEA 8?



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In your Project Structure - Project Settings click on Libraries and create libraries for the 3rd party libs you want to package. Then under Project Structure - Project Settings - Modules select the module you want to package and you will see a section that says Modules and Libraries to Package. Use the Add... button to associate libraries and package structure to your module, then when you build your project/module you will get that structure.  Hope this helps,



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