Using intelliJ with WebSphere 6.1 (deploying and using application clients)

Hi everybody,

I think about using intelliJ for developing websphere 6.1 applications. I downloaded intelliJ 8 and configured my project (the maven integration worked nice). Afterwards I configured the websphere plugin to use my websphere server (worked also pretty good). But when I try to deploy my ear in intelliJ it seems like there's not happening much. It just says that there is no connection to the websphere server (although it is startet and i can connect with a browser to the websphere console). It worked once but I don't know why...

Is it correct that I have to deploy over (run --> my server --> deployment --> choosing the application and then run) ore something like that? As you can see I haven't worked much with intelliJ...

The other Problem is that I don't know how to run an application client ear. We developed some application clients and I need to run those inside the IDE because remote debugging is just not funny :-). Is there no real way or did I just missed the documentation and the menu points within intelliJ to do that?

Thanks and have a nice evening!

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