Plugin contest thoughts

Hi Everyone,
I hate to say it but results of plugin contest looks not near impressive.

With all respect to plugin authors I have to admit that:
Most of entries not fits the main idea of contest: make IDEA better and add value to it.Some entries integrates third party tools not smooth way or replicating existing functionality in IDEA, some replicating annotations way of previous winners which is also not real plugins actually.

There are not enough valid(from the value addition to IDEA point of view) plugins in this contest to even fill all award winning positions and it is really pity. I think it may mean we won't see contests any more cause results not worth them. (Same thing happened with Atlassian contest btw but don't know their plans for next contests).

For 3 months I was going to take part in contest and didn't find affordable plugin implementation to work on it and now I feel upset that didn't added any entry at all.

Based on current state of entries list I feel that I need to implement anything to make contest useful fo JB, but not have time already

Tomorrow will be last submissions day and I still hope things will improve a bit, but I want to raise this discussion anyway.

So my questions is:
Is anybody feeling uncomfortable except me with expressed above situation or I'm just feeling envy to guys participated it contest what do you think?


Hi Dmitry,

I share your feeling but :

- last year, there were really impressive plugins (like XSLT debugger)
- contest term is tonight. I'm sure there will be new entries (at least mine ) and hope some of them will rock

Maybe plugins community could be improved (ranks, comments, voting system for new ideas, ...), maybe JetBrains teams should better document OpenAPI, I don't know how to explain situation.


Same thing happened with Atlassian contest btw but don't know their plans for next contests

We had lots of good entries for Codegeist 2008 -- see the results here.

We will hold the next Codegeist in the first half of 2009.

To make this post marginally on topic, I'll add that we love using IDEA at Atlassian, and we write a plugin for it which integrates IDEA with Fisheye, Crucible, Bamboo and JIRA. Actually it's Apache licenced -- maybe we should enter it!  



I think the problem not in OpenAPI documentation and so on, but in lack of ideas and lack of interest in plugins creation.
Eclipse has many plugins but most of them has very low quality and features.
So it is "developers crisis" may be it will be broken by financial one, people will have more time for hacking probably....


25 minutes to go, please do it !!! Then JB will bundle your plugin and it will benefit for your products as well


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