enum (and other 1.5 functionality)

I have a few questions about jdk1.5 features and intellij.

I totally love the generics functionality (which is way beyond any other
IDE), but I had some questions about other funtionality such as enum etc.

While I can compile enumerations with the new enum keyword, they show up as
errors in the editor.

Now I know I'm probably pushing my luck (I'm actually quite content with the
current functionality)..... but I was wondering which version enum etc would
be added to the editor?????



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One of the IntellIJ developers said on here that they'd probably release 4.0 without the Java 1.5 features, then release a 4.1 or something soon afterwards with full 1.5 support.

It's funny, I also heard that they might first release JDK 1.5 with all of the current proposed features, and then soon afterwards release a 1.5.1 with the features that were originally planned but didn't make it (a new filesystem API and VM sharing, for example).


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