Running a maven module (web) with profiles and process-resource

Hi all,

I am giving IDEA 8.0 (on MacOS, JDK6) a testdrive, so far I have been enjoying it. However, I have a question :)

My project is a maven project, consisting of many maven-modules.
One of these modules is a webapp, which I would like to run on tomcat.
In order for my my war to be built sensibly, my pom contains profiles and require me to invoke mvn process-resources.

So, I created a run config, attached the correct server and told IDEA to run the process-resources goal before doing its make. Now, in order to get a war, I configured the maven package goal to be invoked 'before run'.

IDEA keeps coming up with an error in the messages window, saying "Error: Maven: Cannot read filter"

Obviously, when I invoke maven from the command line: mvn process-resources package -P localEnv my war comes out fine.

How do I get my config correct so it works from IDEA?


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I might know the cause now... If I select a profile in the maven profile window, IntelliJ probably tries to invoke every module with that profile, not just my webapp module.

Can anyone confirm?

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Hi, Hans,

What do you mean by 'maven profile window'?
Anyway, the message 'Maven: Cannot read filter' occurs if a file, specified as a resource filter (in the pom.xml) cannot be found or read.
Do your module uses a resource filter?

Anton Makeev


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