Import existing netbens project to Intellij

No doubt this has been asked many times before. Sorry but can find no answer through the search facility.

I am used to Netbeans. I am trialing intellij to see if it is worth switching. Surely there must be an "import from Netbeans Project" facility?


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I'd also like to know if there is an easy way to do this. Obviously, if it were a Maven project, it would be trivial, but the projects I'm talking about are ant based.

Specifically, I'm trying to import a handful of the sample projects that come with Netbeans so I can easily do a side by side comparison of the two. It is quite nice to have such a selection of sample projects available with NetBeans and quite disappointing to have such a dearth with Idea. The only sample project I was able to find was on the website and was a Spring/Hibernate project made for a 7.x demo which would not even work in 8.x without doing some fixes to the code.

I think it would be fantastic to have some sample projects with best practice examples to demonstrate the capabilities of IDEA. The screencasts are nice and help understanding of specific features, but more full featured sample projects covering the range of facets available would be a big help.




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