Telling Intellij to do explicit imports instead of * (Java)

I would like explicit imports instead of just condensing things into something like...

import java.awt.*

Very annoying when it does it even after splitting it up and then importing another class and also a problem with conflicting classes some of the time. Just curious if there is a solution...

BTW, wow on Clearspace forum software! NICE!

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You can customize that in your code style - where you also can define the
order of the import statements.

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The Code Style setting section has a sub-section "Imports" where you can set the threshold number of imports from any given package before the wild-card ('*') is used.

In order to change any Code Style settings, you'll have to create your own. Just Click the "Save As..." button at the top of the Code Style panel and give a name to the new style (I use my initials).

Randall Schulz


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