IDEA 8 keeps asking to upgrade SVN working copy from subversion 1.4 to 1.5


In IDEA 7.x there was an option to switch off asking to upgrade the working copy from SVN 1.3 to 1.4. In IDEA 8, this option is missing.

The setting was placed in the IWS-File under the component-tag SvnConfiguration -> none]]>.

This setting seems to be ignored by IDEA 8. Is there another way to prevent IDEA asking every time I open a project? (upgrading subversion to 1.5 is not an option)

Thanks and Regards
Hans Lesmeister

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I noticed that the question keeps coming back everytime I have opened the project with IDEA 7. If I stop using IDEA 7, the question appears only once. I guess IDEA 7 changes the IWS file in a way that a certain option disappears, which is some flag for IDEA 8.

Issue solved :)


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