to use IDEA as a flash development IDE

somehow I just know IDEA can do this, is anyone else? the goal is to have:

a build button, that gives you back clickable line numbers in an IDEA window if compilation fails
a run button, that builds and then opens the SWF in the player
a debug button that builds and then runs in debug mode, just like you'd expect

having fiddled around w/ all the possibilities (flex modules, ant, mxmlc, the IDEA builder, etc) I'm not sure where I stand, but I dont have the bliss I crave

I understand the short story to go like this:

compile my FLA to SWC
compile my SWC and all my AS3 files into SWF
launch or debug

but I cant get the thing to fly...

anyone else trying to do this? it seems it's IDEA or flash builder


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