sychronize doesn't work, files won't disappear

Hi everyone,

Using 7.0.4 (build 7941) on project I've inherited, and for the life of me, I cannot get IDEA to forget certain files. Using SVN/JBoss/Struts2/Hibernate, though these are likely not relevant.

Here's the behavior ...

1) I use the command-line to move or remove a Java source file

2) I try to do a "File / Sychronize" in IDEA to get it to forget that file

3) IDEA hangs, so I have to force quit and reload

4) Sometimes this works (IDEA does a scan of files and the moved ones disappear)

5) Sometimes it doesn't ... some show a J and not a C icon, and prevent a build because it says "Cannot find class"

I cannot find how to whack it on the head, short of completely recreating the project file.

Are these known issues? (Sychronize hang ... files not disappearing)

Thanks in advance,

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