Cleaning out IntelliJ Cache

Is there a setting/Button in IntelliJ to delete caches of jars etc... ?

Every couple of months I look in my .IntelliJIdea70\system folder to see
what junk I can clean out. I am not worrying about
I just cleared out 600 MB of cached files. I didn't touch the local VCS files.
My projects are pretty small, I shudder to think what the Disk space taken
up by larger projects would be. This is especially important if the
.IntelliJIdea70 directoty is on a flash drive with limited Memory.

I have been doing this for years but there seems like there should be an easier
way to do this from inside of IntelliJ !


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I don't know of any easy way. Like you I often go in and manually delete. Sounds like this might be a nice new feature request.

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On Windows I figured out how to get CClearer to do it:
Add a file named winapp2.ini in its install directory.
The cool thing is that IntelliJ only shows up if the detect condition is met.

Then add This:


The frustrating thing is that a number of the plugins create their own subdirectory under
instead of using

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I opened a JIRA feature request for this:

Here's the suggestions I made in the JIRA:

It would be nice if IDEA provided a mechanism to cleanup system cache files so it does not have to be done manually. Some possible features as I see it are:

1. automatic clean out of any cache files older than x days. Ideally this amount should be configurable. Perhaps with a minimum to prevent someone from setting it to 1 day or such and thus causing performance issue when IDEA has to keep reparsing jars and projects.

2. ability to delete all project caches for a project. If I know I won't be opening project X again, let me free up the disk space it was using. Minimally it should cleanup all files that are project specific. Ideally, it should also cleanup any library files not being used by other projects. (If not those would eventually get cleaned up by the routine cleanup process).

3. ability, via utility or button, to clean out all system cache files when issues are experienced. Similar to the "delete all temporary files" feature in browsers. This may require the user to close all projects in order to be run, or is "executed" the next time IDEA starts; but I think that is acceptable given the use case for this.

Please add comments to the JIRA and/or vote for it if this is something you'd like to see.

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Currently I have a shell script called "" which first
removes various IDEA caches, and finds/cleans any ant or maven project:


rm -rf $IDEA_CACHE_HOME/caches/*
rm -rf $IDEA_CACHE_HOME/jars/*
rm -rf $IDEA_CACHE_HOME/js_caches/*
rm -rf $IDEA_CACHE_HOME/jsp_related_caches/*
rm -rf $IDEA_CACHE_HOME/compiler/*

find . -name "build.xml" -execdir ant clean ';'
find . -name "pom.xml" -execdir mvn clean ';'

It's amazing how much diskspace one can reclaim :)

On 2008-02-29 07:00:59 +1300, Mark Vedder <> said:

I opened a JIRA feature request for this:

Here's the suggestions I made in the JIRA:

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Is a way to cleanup/manage the cache going to make it into IntelliJ 8 ?

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Here are my recommendations:

1. Don't run intellij off an flash drive. If you want it to run as fast as possible put intellij (including the system folder) on the fastest hard drive you have. Also be aware that flash drives have very limited write cycles so writing ofter will reduce its life quite a bit.
2. Leave the caches alone. Most of them are indexes meant to speed-up your day-to-day usage. And they will be rebuilt next time you open the project anyway.
In my experience there is no need to delete the system folder unless it becomes corrupted somehow (it can happen when testing EAPs)

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Cleaning up the cache is needed when there is defunct projects, such as multiple tries of importing an eclipse/maven project.
JetBrains seems to have started rearchitecting the caches since they use to be more discrete files. I hope they continue to make improvements
to the manageability like providing a way from within IntelliJ to clear the cashes.

It is taking IntelliJ EAP 15 minutes to open a project where as it takes eclipse 2 minutes.
The EAP consumes 2.5x more memory than eclipse.
That is with eclipse containing about 25 plugins and IntelliJ having 8 each having roughly the same functionality.
I hope this is a side effect of additional debugging information being collected.



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