SVN won't switch branch for all files - why?

When I'm switching to a different branch (using the update dialog like below), almost 90% of my files and folders are highlighted with green. It's making work for me very difficult, and why isn't IntelliJ IDEA updating as I've instructed it to?

I've attached some screens to show you how it looks;

This is how I've updated the repository (root folder for instance).

Just a snapshot of the file tree. Most are green. (In the documentation this is supposedly: "File is scheduled for addition to the repository."...)

The file I've altered is still in the old branch, even though I just updated.

Can someone please help me here? I need IntelliJ to do a switch, and not just pretend. I'm getting really desperate. Thanks.

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Irina Chernushina

Hello Haakon,

Can you please check statuses with "svn status" in switched directory? If possible, I'd like to know that.
Can you please also use build 8940, there was a bug around.

Sorry for delay.


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