Idea (both 7.0.4 and 8 M1) hangs when switching a cvs branch


Problem Statement
I notice that when i click on my project and say switch branch a dialogue box opens, when i click on the button for idea to go to my CVS server and query for all the valid branches, the operation takes around 1 hour. This same operation on WinCvs takes 2 minutes

Now after 1 hour when the list of all branches on the CVS comes, i choose the branch i want to move to and say ok. From this point onwards when the update starts Idea stops responding completely. By now it is already utilizing more then 700 MB space and in another 5 minutes that goes to 1 GB, also Idea takes up 95% CPU time and i have left this operation overnight but still neither did it change the branch, nor does it respond to the closing of the window. It does not show any progress bar or tips and hints (as it usually does when performing some long operation) but consumes 100% CPU time.

WinCvs switches the branch for me within half hour without using any noticeable CPU time.

Now this will not happen if i don't wait for 1 hour while querying for all the branches on the CVS server. If after 2 minutes i cancel that operation i still do get the list of all branches on my CVS server. Selecting my branch now and saying update takes Idea through the normal practice of updating the branch of my code base and Idea takes time comparable with WinCvs.


Is this a known bug in Idea? Why is the query of branch taking 1 hour when it is actually providing it even if i cancel the operation in 2 minutes and also why is it that if I go through the 1 hour wait Idea hangs completely on clicking on Update?

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