Another bug with Diana, search related

I tried opening a JIRA but your server timed out.

Try adding several lines with the same piece of target text say FOOBAR in each line.

Place in the middle of those lines a line that is really long that doesn't wrap to the point it forces you to scroll the window to the right to reach the end. At the end of that line place the text FOOBAR.

Start searching from the beginning. Search works alright until it hits the really long line and needs to scroll to the end. Any other searches like hitting F3 after that will start from the beginning of the same line and once again scroll the window to the match the same match as before.

To continue searching you need to manually move your cursor down below that line.

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I tried opening a JIRA but your server timed out. ...

That server has far better things to do than accept complaints from a luser...

Seriously, the server resources devoted to the JIRA and the Jive forum software (itself a pretty lame excuse for a bulletin board) are clearly overtaxed and, from the looks of it out here, spending their time doing a lot of things unrelated to their duties serving the needs of end users.

A very common pattern I observe is that I visit the forums, view a specific topic board and and thread and am presented with a wait on the order of a minute. Subsequent accesses are reasonably timely, though never anything I'd call snappy. This leads me to believe that the system that hosts the forums is shared with other services that, when not being hit by forum requests, pages out all their data, necessitating a very lengthy series of I/O operations just to serve a simple thread view request.

Can't JetBrains cough up a few thousand dollars to host the forums on dedicated servers??

Randall Schulz


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