Changes > Repository tab -- Doesn't seem to pick up any changes


Using Selena #7905 on 1.6.0_10-beta

I use IntelliJ for multiple projects, and I've noticed that only one of my projects has a Changes>Repository tab that works at all.

For example, in my one project that works, I can click the 'refresh' button, and it will take about 10 seconds and I can bring up the background processes dialog and it shows me 'command rlog running....' It takes about 10 seconds, because this particular project has a large history in CVS.

But, for all other projects I have, the refresh button always brings up that "VCS History Cache Settings" and I set it to cache 30 days and check every 30 minutes... but then nothing appears at all. And in the background processes dialog, I see a couple processes flash and disappear very rapidly.

Checking what is written in cvs.output (in intellijhome/bin) in the first case (the project that works) I see the following:

2008-09-12 15:10:25
Argument repoNameHere
E cvs rlog: Logging repoNameHere

But I can blank this file out, and when I try for a project that doesn't work, nothing is written to cvs.output. Nothing at all.

What have I got misconfigured?

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An update on this... I tried emptying IntelliJ's cache directories, and it seems to have restored the ability of multiple projects to all have their "Changes" tab work.

There seem to be a number of issues where this is the 'fix' (deleting the cache).

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It turns out this problem is fixed by properly setting the CVSROOT directory under File > Settings > Version Control

I have a non-standard project directory layout, and by default, IntelliJ treats the location of the *.ipr file as the CVSROOT, which in my case is not correct.

Thanks to Serge at IntelliJ Support for his help.

For more details, see this other thread:


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