inspections for EJB3 annotations working for anyone?

i'm late to the Diana party, just started using it..

the über-popular Spring+Hibernate combination.. and I'm getting "More than one attribute configured for method" when my hibernate class mappings file is registered with the Hibernate facet.

i entered a bug, .. has anyone else run across this? (or, is anyone else successfully using SpringHibernateDiana?)

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I've been seeing this with every build I've used of Diana, up to build 8890.

Every getter in every model shows the "More than one attribute configured for method" inspection error.

I never saw this in V7, and my Hibernate facet looks to be configured the same way as before.

(I'm late to the party too, just started trying out build 8823, then 8858, now 8890.)

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is another issue for the same problem. please chime in there :)

sadly, we're kinda stuck at the moment, Jetbrains says they need a project that will help reproduce the error.


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