project config: what is the difference between a source folder and a test source folder?

Or, to put it another way, right now I add test source folders and they
don't seem to stay added? What will it mean when they start working

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They stay added for me. I've got them mapped to my junitgenerator plugin so I can hit one key from my soure file and I'm implementing a test method in a test class that is in the same package as my source code class but under the 'tests' (or whatever you name the test source folder directory) directory.

Are you working with build 957?

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Test source folders get compiled after source folders, using the compiled source as part of the classpath. Thus you can't compile if your source has dependencies on your tests. (Wierdly enough, the on-line error checker doesn't seem to understand this, and doesn't yet give red-line warnings if you have such a dependency. Time for a tracker item...)

Other than that, they seem to be the same, and both work for me.


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