Idea hangs on Vista

i have problem with my new Vista machine. It is SP1 32 bit.
I've tried both Idea 8.1 and 7.0.4 - they hangs ...or more precise they don't come back in front when switching between running programs.
I mean when switch to the Idea, only its label window shown (with app name and buttons for mimimize, close, restore) and nothing else. When i try to close the process and run another Idea - it doesn't starts at all.

Could you help me to tackle with this problem pls?
here you can find attached dump file.



I've been running IDEA 7 and 8 EAPs on Vista (64-bit) for the past 8 months without experiencing this. In my <IDEA-install>/bin/idea.exe.vmoptions I have the line:

I am not sure if that is making the difference for me since I've had it in my options for years. It might just be that I'm running 64-bit. But the above option did help me on another Java based application when I was having problems similar to what you describe.


10x for the hint, but it didn't help me :(

i find out thet the Idead doesn't crashed at all - when hangs after some time (~1 hour) it comes back on front and is fully workable.
Strange things there is no answer form IDea support i will forced to switch to another IDE


Here are a couple of other things I can suggest trying:

1) What are your Java memory settings set at in the <IDEA-install>/bin/idea.exe.vmoptions file? Many people find they need to increase these. I have mine set at:

Search the forums for some other suggestions.

2) Under Settings | IDE Settings | General, deselect the "Synchronize files on frame activation". On large projects this can cause a delay when switching back to IDEA as IDEA must search all the directories for any changes.

3) It's possible Vista is moving IDEA to swap file on frame deactivation. While I am not one of the people on the "Vista is no good" bandwagon, I will say that it does need a lot of memory. And IDEA, as do most IDEs, works best when it has lots of memory available. If you are not running at least 2GB, preferably 3GB (or 2.75GB due to the 32-bit limitation), I'd recommend upgrading your RAM (if you can - I'm not sure if this is on your personal PC or a work PC). One of the reasons I'm running Vista 64-bit is so I can have 8GB of RAM. This allows me to comfortable run IDEA along side a couple of VMWare Virtual Machines, and a number of other applications.

4) If you can, add your <user-home-dir>/.IntelliJIdea70 (and/or .IntelliJIdea80) directory (and sub-directories) as an exclusion in your anti-virus. IDEA creates a lot of caches and the anti-virus constantly checking these directories can cause problems and delays. This is likely not the cause for your issue since it seems to be on frame reactivation; but it might help. It's also useful to list your projects directory as exclusions.

5) If you are not using Java 1.6 to run IDEA, switch to it. They made a number of performance improvements in Java 6, especially for Swing applications.

Lastly, I'd say try to hang in there until 8.0 is formally released. I know from traffic on this forum that JetBrains is working on performance improvements for 8.0. And 8.0M1 is Beta software; so it'll have some kinks in it.

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Note that this is a community forum, not the official JetBrains support.

Here'a a relevant page from the support section of their web site: How to report IDEA performance problems and take CPU snapshots

If that does not help, then filing a bug at Jira with relevant info (cpu snapshot) will probably be the best option.


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