Please add more international support regarding fonts option and display

I really like Intellij idea, but there seem to be some minor but annoying issues regarding fonts. There is an option to change Editor font, but when the language uses is not in the font script of the font selected, there is no option to set the default font for that case. As certain languages do not have a good monospaced fonts, other fonts will be substituted for that language, however the substituted font uses in IntelliJ Idea by default is a bad choice and there is no option to change it.

In the editor, there is also a problem using cursor in the editor window. You can test the issues using Thai characters. This article explains how the cursor editing function should work: which is how the operating systems like Windows does (try using Notepad).

Regarding Thai, the default font seems to be Angsana New, while Tahoma would be a much better choice. While all these issues are very minor, but they would improve the experiences. Visual Studio doesn't have any of these problems.

Edited by: IcedTea on Sep 5, 2008 5:19 PM

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