Plugin manager not mature enough

- There should be progress bar when downloading plugin
- There should be versioning for plugins - including range of builds (eg.
922-944) for which plugin in working. Currently - when downloading - I don't
know if the plugin will work with my Idea.




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... and when it's loading the plug in list (for those of us lucky enough to get that far), the progress bar goes up to 345%!


And the proxy server support should have the user authentication capability, just like the bug sender.


please look to the bug-sender. i can't send any bug since #957! they removed proxy-configuration!!!
it will be the best solution if they add the proxy-configuration into application-options and use this configuration for every internet access!


Mine goes to 38372338% or so :)


I think there's no need to show a range of builds -- the plugin manager should be smart enough to show only those that works for the current build.

At startup, it should also look for installed plugins that supposedly don't work with the current build, warn the user about that and ask to remove the mentioned plugins. Of course, all that with a "don't ask me again" option.


Please, read my post "HTTP Proxy configuration in 957"


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