CamelHumps words

I thought there would be different editor actions for whole word selection and subword (CamelHump) movement/selection...
In 957 you have to make up your mind once which type of word selection you want (IDE settings - Editor). That's way too clumsy. I want both!
I know about the difficulties finding key shortcuts for both actions, but I would be content if only the actions were there, so I could assign shortcuts myself.

A nice extension to Idea's current keymap would be to be able to distinguish left and right key modifiers, e.g. one could map subword selection/movement to "both control keys" down. Starting with JDK 1.4 java.awt.event.KeyEvent distinguishes has constants for KEY_LOCATION_LEFT/RIGHT...
Maybe make an additional checkbox "Distinguish Left/Right Modifiers" to the "Enter Keyboard Shortcut" dialog.
What do you think?

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