Why is some entries grey in the run dialog ?

I've noticed that for some time some configured run entries in the run
dialog are grey. Why is that so? BTW somethimes run configuration entries
are removed from the list, don't know why.


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This UI was hard for me to figure out too. I wondered for months what the "Create " context menu item did. I figured it was a Webapp thing, since I didn't think I had anything that could be "created," and I knew IDEA supported some J2EE features (I know nothing about J2EE), so maybe it created a website or a EAR/WAR or something. I was also confused as to why my new entries had started disappearing.

Grey entries are entries that were created by selecting "Run " instead of by going to the Run configuration and adding it with the + sign there. They disappear when you run another entry with "Run ". To un-grey it and make it permanent, you can go to the Run configuration and click on that entry and click the "Copy" button. You can also right-click on the file and click "Create ".


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