Attaching sources to maven dependencies for the whole project

Hi, using IDEA 7.0.3, is it possible to attach a source location to a jar that's referenced via maven dependency for the whole project?
I only managed to attach the sources to that dependency for a single module in my multi-module project, so if the same dependency is referred to from another module, I have to attach the sources in that module, again. Is there a way to do this "globally" for the whole project?


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Hi, Martin,
Does your dependency have a *-sources.jar in the repository?

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No, but which of all those 3rdparty dependencies (Jakarta Commons, Spring etc) have a *-source.jar in the m2 repository? Mostly you have to download the sources yourself and place them somewhere on your filesystem, so what I'd like to do is tell IDEA to attach a certain source folder/zip/whatever to a certain m2 dependency, and to do this project-wide.

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OK, will fix it in 8.0.
There is corresponding issue
You may vote and watch it.


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