"uuid.hex" and Intellij


This code snippet is present in all our Hibernate files. Intellij happens to not like it and marks it red. Harmless until you try to run a unit test through the IDE and then it marks that as an error. Anyone face this before and if possible is there a workaround to that problem? Its really affecting me.

Thanks in advance.

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During my digging around I found that the uuid.hex is not part of Hibernate specs...theres only uuid...and when I change it to that Intellij is happy and no problems...yet in Eclipse theres no probems at all. I am ready and running unit tests through my IDE in no time. I just dont get it. I really woudl like to use Intellij but I think Eclipse is just working for the most part. I dont have weird spring context loading issues etc etc. Its odd the same unit test does not run in intellij but runs in Eclipse. I am pretty bummed out but for now I have both the IDEs on my machine. So when I run unit tests in my IDE, I use Eclipse...still thats only one use case. Perhaps I should turn off that hibernate inspection intention and see if it works....


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