Baffled by missing java files

I am trying to help someone use IntelliJ 7.03. I created a brand new project by pointing to a directory that already had src. I specified the src as a content root. I did NOT exclude anything. When the project is done creating, I see no java files in the project tree with the Packages view. I am baffled. I cannot figure out why I can't see any java files in the package view. I don't even see any packages for that matter. I can't Ctrl+N to bring up anything either. This has never happened to me before so I am stuck. This is a Subversion sandbox with .svn directories througout.

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Double check you have the correct source directory specified. The only time I've seen something like this, I had the wrong directory specified as source. (I had 'src' specified as the source directory when the packages were in "src/java".)


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