javaw.exe / java.exe

Running external processes using the runner. Before build 896 the default runner was :

%JDK_HOME%\bin\javaw.exe -client -Xverify:none -Doracle.j2ee.dont.use.memory.archive=true -classpath %JDK_HOME%\jre\lib\charsets.jar

while on the from build 896 to now it runs

%JDK_HOME%\bin\java -client -Xverify:none -Doracle.j2ee.dont.use.memory.archive=true -classpath %JDK_HOME%\jre\lib\charsets.jar

is the any reason for this change as it is hampering me running my running/debugging my current projcet as i use oc4j.

If the is no reason how would be able to change it to run "javaw" instead of "java".

thank will be greatly appreciated....

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