File Window always-on-top (above editor) when Floating

I'm a brand-new IDEA user....Or at least, I'm trying to be. I've been using NetBeans for the last 5+ years or so, and I've always used NB in "SDI Mode" -- where the Editor window is separate from the File/Project window, is separate from the Menu Bar, etc.

So in IDEA 7.0.3 (for Linux), I've created a project from some code that I had lying about. I have a Project pane with a list of files in it, and there's the editor pane to the right of it. If I click on the "Float" icon on the Project pane's toolbar, it will tear off into its own window. That's cool, and that's how I like to work. However, my now-larger code area cannot go on-top of the floating Project window, even if the Project window is not the active window.

Sure, I could minimize the Project window, but that's not what I'm used to. Is there a setting that I'm missing to allow the Editor window to go on-top of a torn-away Project window? Or is this not possible?


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Hi Mike,

is it the "pin / unpin" option that you're looking for? Just click the pin icon, I think that should solve your problem ;)


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No, pinning the window makes it disappear into the sidebar. I don't want that; I want a separate window that can remain open, but go behind the editor window.



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