Open already open file in other tab group

I have noticed a change with tab behavior on linux with 7.* version of intellij. Previously if I had two tab groups, with a file open in tab group 1, if i clicked on an alread open file in tab group 2 and did control N to open a class that is already open in tab group 1, but not 2, it would open the class in tab group 2. This allowed me to have the split screen editing I need.

Now when I do this, it simply transfers focus back to the file already open in tab group 1. This means that if I want to have a split view on that file, I have to close the tabs in tab group 2, and then split the view on the file.

This is really annoying because I often need to have multiple files split, and therefore going through this process every time I wan to split a new file wastes time.

Does anyone know if there is a solution to this problem?

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This is yet another problem if Quality with jetbrains. 


They suck now.



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