Build 944 initial comments (not used yet)

If we are nearing release then start looking at the installer:

1) The 939 uninstaller caused a blue screen of death on my XP machine
2) The 944 installer still does not create a Quick Launch icon on my
windows box. This feature has been available since Win98 and Win2000,
please take advantage of it.
3) The executable itself still has the default ZeroG icon. I still see
the annoying little coffee cup with the rocket comming out.
4) The 939 uninstaller (and all installers before it) does not completely
clean out everything. I still have the IntelliJ-IDEA-939 directory with
some DLLs for the JRE and the Uninstaller info. Can't the JRE be properly
removed, or does the installer use that JRE instead of its own? Lastly,
the Uninstaller info should probably be held in the user temp directory
so that the parent directory can be properly removed.

Resolving a combination of these issues will help with the first impression
aspect of IDEA.

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