What is the name of the file containing the license key?

To upgrade to 7.0 I have to supply the license key. Where do I find it?


The only thing I see that looks like a key is in a file called: .IntelliJIdea70/config/idea60.key which is a binary file. How am I supposed to cut and paste this into a text box to upgrade?


If you bought your license for version 6.0 prior to August 13th of this year, you must purchase an upgrade ($149 for a personal license).

Randall Schulz


An **upgrade++ requires that I key my license key into a textbox to verify that I have a license and that an upgrade is in order. The key is in a binary file. Would you please explain how I am to cut and paste my key into a textbox.


To clarify, from your upgrade site:

"Personal License Upgrade
for v 6.X or older purchased or upgraded before August 13, 2007"

When I attempt to pay for it a text box comes up asking for my existing license key.


You should have received an email from "Jetbrains License" when you purchased your IDEA 6 license. But if you lost it, read further

But in fact the idea60.key is not binary format. It seems to be a Unicode format though (UTF-16 ? the encoding seems to be 2 bytes/char).
If you open it with a text editor and skip the first 2 chars, you should see a string, where each character is separated by a space, and at the end, your Name.
Just remove the spaces.

If your license number is like mine, your should have a 6 groups of 5 chars/digits separated with a -.

Hope this helps


Thanks, that worked. I was able to pay for it. But, it seems I did so prematurely. The downloaded version doesn't work, so I still have to use the 7.0M2. Either I have to get the downloaded version to work, or get my money back.


not sure you will get any help with such a description :)


Hello Rich,

To upgrade to 7.0 I have to supply the license key. Where do I find

What exactly do you mean by "find"? You can purchase an upgrade on our Web
site, or use 30-day evaluation.

Dmitry Jemerov
Development Lead
JetBrains, Inc.
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The ideaX0.key file contains non-ascii characters before the key and also between each character of the key. Depending on the text editor and format you use to open this file, these may show up as spaces, or not show up at all.

I found the only way to copy the key was to retype it - attempting to copy and paste the key would copy those invisible characters.


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