Some nice NetBeans features (javascript)

I prefer to request and judge IDEA's features independently of Eclipse or
NetBeans, but esp. NetBeans is making quite some progress and it can't curt to
have an occasional look, right?

I just watched a demo of the NetBeans 6.1. javascript editor

Some nice stuff that IDEA could handle better:
- doc popups are actually useful.
For testing in IDEA type "window" and press ctrl-q
You'll get a popup saying
"window in window(predefines.DHTML.js)
window in predefines.DHTML.js
window in predefines.DHTML.js "
Hm, confusing - let's try those links:

  • First one says

Oh yeah, right I did not notice before.

  • Second one says


  • And third one says something similar about IE.

- is there any way at all to get Idea to show docs for jQuery functions?
- javascript code completion seems to be more sensible
- In NetBeans you can define "Targeted Browsers" for your web app and it seems you get
warnings when you use javascript that is not supported on any of those browsers.
- Probably unrelated to javascript: The refactoring preview shows an actual DIFF rather than simply the new version.
- Quick fixes have a preview in a popup, too.

Of course there's also lots of stuff that IDEA had for ages ...


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