Where is Hibernate HQL window?


I added support for Hibernate using a Facet and setup a datasource. I have support for autocompletion of
columns in my Hibernate mappings files - works great.

The sessionfactory for Hibernate is configured through a Spring context file - so I added support for Spring facet also. Works
fine with completion etc for multiple spring files - very nice.

Now I would like to test HQL queries. I can not seem to find where to open this toolwindow. Where can this window be opened ?

My project uses jdk 1.4

Intellij 7.0.3 build 7757 on a winx xp pc. Intellij runs on java6.

Kind regards

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Hi Georges,

You have to go to the Java EE view, look for the session factory, and right click on that. There you will see the HQL console.



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