Debugger hangs

Using IntelliJ 7.03, jdk 1.6 (java version "1.5.0-13"), googlemaps_gwt_2_2_1 and GWT 1.4.62.

When debugging over the statement "ListBox lb = new ListBox();" by pressing F8 IntelliJ hangs. I actually think that it might be in a tight infinite loop. However, if I run over the statement to another breakpoint, instead of having tried to step over the individual statement it works fine.

In other words, if I put a breakpoint on the statement which precedes the ListBox statement, and put a breakpoint on the statement which follows the ListBox statement, I will stop at the first breakpoint. If I then press F9 to resume it will stop at the next breakpoint, having successfully executed the ListBox statement. It only hangs when trying to step over the statement.

If stepping into the ListBox statement with F7, it hangs on the statement: "private static final Impl impl = (Impl) GWT.create(Impl.class);" in the file

After IntelliJ hangs, I have to stop the application and try again by running to different breakpoints.

Any ideas?

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