JetBrains get-together at JavaOne

Hello everyone,

As you might know, JetBrains will be exhibiting at this year's JavaOne. We
won't do any sessions, but we'll have a booth in the expo hall.

We're currently planning a get-together event for our users during the conference.
Our main goal for the event is to discuss with you the future of IntelliJ
IDEA (version 8 and beyond), and of software development in general. We'll
share with you some of our current thinking, and we'll listen carefully to
what you have to say - you will have a chance of actually influencing the
development direction of futurue product versions.

Of course, there'll also be a party with beer and stuff, and a possibility
to discuss whatever you like with JetBrains developers. :)

We would like to know how many people approximately would be at the event,
so if you're planning to go to JavaOne and would like to attend the get-together,
please let us know (reply here or drop an e-mail to )

Dmitry Jemerov
Development Lead
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with Pleasure!"

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Hi Dmitry,
Looking forward to meeting jetBrains folks. Pls do update this forum with the times/days. I would personally be going only one day, so it will be hit or miss.


stephen b


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