When navigating to core JDK class the source code is not displayed

In the Project Settings | Platform Settings | JDK's | 1.6 | Sourcepath I verified that src.zip is associated with the JDK. I also verified the file exists in the file system at that location. I even exploded the src.zip into a directory, and then included that one manually.

But when I navigate to a core jre java class (e.g. java.io.DataInputStream) then the .class file is decompiled and just the method signatures are displayed.

Why didn't intellij bring up the JDK source?



Edited by: Stephen Boesch on Apr 20, 2008 1:54 AM

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I found a workaround. I attached the JDK source files to one of my OWN libraries. Now I can navigate seamlessly from my code into the source code for java.lang.String or java.sql.Date for example.


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