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Hello -
I am a long time eclipse/MyEclipse user and a co-worker has successfully talked me into giving intelliJ a try. The problem is - I'm having trouble getting my app up and running. I have successfully pulled in my webapp but I am having trouble starting tomcat from within the tool. I setup my configuration and clicked the run button but the console prints out the cmd and on the next line: Disconnected from server. If I cut and paste the cmd directly in my command window tomcat starts up as expected (I have tried 2 clean installs of Tomcat 6.0 and Tomcat 5.5). I searched the forums but did not see any recent problems related to this. Am I missing something?

If you need more details let me know but I'm hopeful that someone will see this and know the problem immediately.

Any help would be appreciated.


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A quick follow up to this...

My co-worker has a similar setup to myself (windows xp, tomcat 6.0) and is having the same issue when trying to run tomcat locally through intellij. Another co-worker is running the same setup on linux and has no problems. Has anyone else had this problem? The JVM doesn't even look to be starting up. I receive no error messages other than "Disconnected from server". It seems odd that 2 people on our team have found this problem independently and yet no one else has had this problem. Any recommendations?



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