To be or Not to be .. a compile error ?

I've been with idea since version 3, and as far as i can recall i've stumbled upon this 'issue' from time to time since the beginning!

Its pretty simple, i build me project/modules and, bugger me this and bugger me that, i have errors!
So i navigate about as quickly as modern psychics and cpu ticks allows only to find a source file with NO errors. According to the IDEA that is ... inspecting the source and whatnot i cannot find an error either.

Yet, the bugger wont compile.

Anyone else running into this one from time to time ?

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I've yet to encounter a discrepancy between IDEA and the Sun JDK compiler.

I've used versions 6 and 7 of IDEA on Java 5 and 6 code.


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I encountered specific issues every now and then.
Typical nomenclature of such an issue in Jira is something like Bad code is green


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