Maven: Failed to resolve parent POM

Hi, I have a problem with my Maven2 project (IDEA 7.0.3 7757).

I have a multimodule maven project. Every day when I start IDEA I get the following error in Maven Importer Output window:

Error:Error:Failed to resolve parent POM: maven:maven-conf::1.2-SNAPSHOT for project :maven-seam-conf:pom:[inherited] at C:\.m2-repository\maven\maven-seam-conf\1.2-SNAPSHOT\maven-seam-conf-1.2-SNAPSHOT.pom

The Maven Projects window is empty.
I have maven 2.0.8.

I have to close the project and execute mvn validate. Success, no errors. Reopen project and get:

Error:Error transferring file

from the specified remote repositories:
snapshots (http://maven:8081/artifactory/repo),
central (http://maven:8081/artifactory/repo)
Path to dependency:
1) actions:ejb:1.0-SNAPSHOT
2) models:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT

So I close project and execute mvn package. Success no errors. Reopen the project.

Now I have no import error. But all my ejb and web facets are duplicated. The old ones exist (which I have renamed before) and new ones with generic names (EJB, EJB, Web) are created. Also all the dependancy libs in modules lost the javadoc and source assignments which I manually gave them previously.

I am no Maven expert so I have no idea what might be wrong. This error happens to me every day when I start IDEA fresh. It is really frustrating because I have to do all manual javadoc assignments again and delete duplicate facets.

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Could you please send me some of your pom files (I tell me where I can get the them) so I could reproduce the problem?

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Hi, sorry for the delay. I was wery busy last week. In the attached zip file I have build a quick overview of my project with pom files.

The contentservice directory is structure of my multimodule project with pom files. Included are module subdirectories with pom files. All other files and directories are removed because they are private and not relevant but the structure corresponds exactly to the standard maven layout.

The local-repository contains some of the other pom files which are stored in my local repository.

Hope it helps.

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I've tried the files and the project has been imported correctly.
Could you please try the 8.0 eap that will be available later today or wait till the next 7.0.4 eap is available.
Let me know if this helps.


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