minor inconsistent behavior about text search

I like the search bar feature in the IDEA 7.0.
I do find an inconsistent behavior.

1. Type the text in search box or press CTRL-F on selected string. Searched strings highlighted. So far so good.
2. Select another string and press CTRL-F. It is interesting to see the highlights are added to the previous highlights.
Looks like unadvertised feature. Still good.
3. Now press X button. One would expect all highlights are cleared when the search is over, however only the last set of highlights are cleared, the highlights of the first one still remains.
I have to press ESC second time to clear all. (As the search panel is now gone.)

The inconsistent part is that in step 3, instead of pressing X, click the the mouse and set the input focus on the text. Then press ESC, it clears all highlights.

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