Deploying IDEA EJB modules to Websphere

Hi there,

I'm trying to use the webshphere integration IDEA 7 comes with, and it looks
like the deployment code generation step is missing (the apps seem to be
deployed, but web modules trying to access EJBs fail when looking them up).
I found this, yet to be addressed, issue
in the tracker, but no other details as to what one is expected to do in
order to make this scenario work in IDEA.

I'm using WAS and I'd expect the integration to take care of all
the needed steps (like, for instance, the WTP plugin my Eclipse using colleagues
have, where deploying an app is trivially done by checking a check-box).
Is it there, am I missing something in the configuration dialogs?

If not, what's the recommended approach for achieving the simplest possible
flow when working with webshphere. Apart from switching to a decent app server,
that is...



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