Broken CVS Update Project in IDEA 7

Update Project doesn't work as expected in 7.0.3 (also in 7.0.2 and likely earlier versions of 7 as well). In IDEA 6.0, it was sufficient to specify a module name and all CVS folders in that module would be updated. However, it looks like with 7 instead of specifying the module name and assigning it a VCS, you need to specify each VCS-managed directory and assign it a VCS. I see that you can assign a VCS to the ]]>, but when I do so the Update dialog returns immediately saying everything's up-to-date. If I specify a non-CVS directory that has CVS-managed subdirectories, I'd think that IDEA would recursively search for CVS roots as it did with 6. However, this is not the case. Even manually adding my subdirectories and assigning a VCS doesn't work. The only way I can update my project is to select all directories manually and choosing "Update Directories" from the context menu. This is very time-consuming and it seems that it shouldn't be this way.

Has anybody experienced this same behavior and found a workaround? Is this a bug or a "feature"?



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