instant feedback on syntax for #915

I used (in 3.0.*) to get instant feedback on syntax and
other programming errors (feedback would be
within 1/2 or 1/4 second of typing) (this was default for 3.*)

Now after upgrading to 915, I don't get the feedback until I invoke the compiler. I have adjusted the Options->IDE Settings -> Errors -> Autoreparse to 200ms, but it doesn't help.

Please help - I relied on this feature working properly. Although, I wish (enhancement request) that I could set the syntax/error autoparsing to ignore one-off lines, so I don't constantly get pounded by a known error, everytime I go to the file....


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Out of curiousity, are you using the InspectionGadgets plugin? I had noticed performance degredation on reparsing as well, but figured it was an issue with my plugin.

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Is his question one of performance, or simply not scanning the file at all?

Check the box in the upper right corner (above the scroll bar). Is it white? If so, it is still parsing, or somehow broken during parse.

Are there any exceptions in the log?


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Sorry I should have been more specific - it is
a matter of performance - it doesn't work immediately
as it used to - now it can take a minute or two before
the syntax is noted as incorrect.

Also, how do I know if I have the InspectionGadgets plugin? I didn't install one - I just used the default installation from IntelliJ.



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