What is the "Dynamic Properties" screen for?

I'm running Idea 7.0.3 with JetGroovy and GenerateToString as the only plugins I've installed. I just noticed that I have this tab on the right hand side called "Dynamic Properties". I can not seem to find any reference to it in the help nor can I figure out what it is supposed to do. When I open it, it shows a search field and table of two columns labeled "Dynamic ELement" and "Type".

What is the purpose of this screen?

See attached screen shot.

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It is by JetGroovy: when it cannot bind the variable or method, it allows the user (with quickfix) to explicitly state there is one at runtime. There is a number of ways to add property or method dnamically in groovy, that is just impossible to track statically. After those dynamic elements are added, they participate in completion, and you can navigate to its definition in tool window.


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