JSTL auto-complete

First of all, THX for these. They are definately a time saver. However,
they would be even better if they included the ${}. These are extremely
easy to forget when the rest is done by auto-complete. Here is an example
of what IntelliJ does:

<c:out value="" ></c:out>

Here is what I prefer:
<c:out value="${}" ></c:out>

How about making it an option. Also would be great (but may be too much of
an issue) to make it configurable for the standard tags to be a single tag
as in <c:out value="${}" /> instead of <c:out value="${}" ></c:out>.

Still great!!!


well carrying this on further, what we be even more impressively useful is code completion for jstl expressions.


Making IDEA's refactorings aware of them wouldn't hurt, either. :)

well carrying this on further, what we be even more impressively useful is
code completion for jstl expressions.


I agree with both of these comments..
It would be great if the style of tags (HTML/XHTML) is configurable.
Autocompletion of JSTL Expression Language would be hugely impressive - not sure how this could be done though - variable names would have to be parsed/matched with the respective session/request beans - is this possible? maybe in a STRUTS environment if IntelliJ can be made aware of the struts-config.xml, which could be parsed to pick up the Action classes and ActionForms associated with the JSP's

This would be impressive, and immensely useful..


as an afterthought - obviously Intellij would have to understand the code flow/logic in the action classes to understand the true scope of request/session/form beans in the JSPs, and this is nigh on impossible as is only checked at compile time.

However, Intellij could simply find all the request/session/form beans in any one strut, and offer them all up for code completion in EL within the jsp.

This would be very cool & damn useful


How about offering (as a start) at least the exposed scripting variables, e.g. from <c:forEach>-loops - that'd be a big time-saver (just think of using 30 different properties of the iterated bean in a listview..)


I could use jstl integration/completion a hell of a lot more than i could use aspectj,gui, and generics...too bad.


This is already done if the tag description in web.xml and/or the TagExtraInfo provides the right information. I haven't used JSTL yet, but autocompletion for exposed scripting variables works with struts tags and my own custom tags.


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