deafult keymap on osx

I have recently moved from pc to mac, so am using the defualt (windows-centric) keymap on the mac. This mosly works as I would like.

The one issue I am having is with the alt-]]> combos that on the pc take you to a menu. For example alt-d opens the code menu.

On my setup some of these work, and some do not. The ones that do not work, enter a greek letter or mathematical symbol. Interestingly, if the focus is not in an edit window, the key combination correctly opens the menu. If it is in the edit window, it types the Greek character.

These are some of the alt combinations that I would like to open a menu. but do not
(option == alt)

option-d ?
option-e ´
option-U ¨
option-B ?
option-T †
option-W ?

These all work correctly, opening the appropriate menu

(these lists are not exhaustive)

The greek-character thing seems to be a mac feature. all of the alt-letter combos seems to type greek characters in mac-specific edit controls and applications.

I asked the author of a mac-specific keymap tool (keyremap4macbook) about this, and he said it should be handled at the application level. I am not sure that is correct, but if anyone here has any ideas (other than going back to the pc), that would be great.

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