maven2 plugin question (regarding module resolving)


m2eclipse plugin is able to either resolve project references through repository or if the project is inside workspace directly from workspace. this way dependent gets notified by changes as soon as a source file gets edited and does not need to wait until a mvn:install is being done.

is this feature included in maven2 plugin of intellij (7.x) too, or does it resolve dependencies from repository always?

thanks for information.

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the way i've been doing this is by defining a pom which reflects my workspace, with packaging = pom and defining the included projects as modules.

And then you create your project by opening this pom

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so did i get it right, that intellij maven2 plugin does not recognize maven2 dependencies inside project itself (creating own pom module sounds like a workaround).

m2eclipse plugin goes the way that i do not need to add any new poms, merely it detects automatically whether an open project matches one of the referenced dependencies in dependent project. this way it is easy to switch between workspace resolution (open project) or repository resolution (closed project) which is very convenient, especially when you are working with many in-house libraries.

if such thing is not included yet, it would be a great feature for next intellij release. further more it would be nice if import of eclipse projects/workspaces would work with this feature too to make the migration a no-brainer.

at my current workplace this is a killing feature which would prevent us to switch to intellij because our work heavily relies on maven2 and thus m2eclipse features.

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yes as far as I my knowledge of IDEA's maven integration goes, you got it wright.

Although I don't find it that hard to create a pom for my current IDEA project (aka eclipse's workspace),


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