share run/debug configurations

How does marking run/debug configurations for sharing work?

I am trying to export one projects run configs to an other. I do not see anything happen when I check/uncheck this feature.


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Run/debug configurations marked as shared are stored in the *.ipr file instead of in the *.iws file. The *.iws file is meant to store your personal project level settings, like which file is open in the editor, which sections of a file are currently selected, etc. Whereas the *.ipr contains common project settings usable by everybody. So while it doesn't make sense to share the *.iws file through version control, you can very well share the *.ipr file. And by storing the run/debug configurations in the *.ipr file they get shared too.

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I think this information should be in the ide help.

What is currently there is rather minimal and just stating the obvious:
"If this option is checked, the current configuration becomes available to the other team members."


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