No stack trace provided when exception occurs


I'm working in IntelliJ 7. I'm having the strangest problem.

When an exception occurs in my code, the error is reported in the run console, but no stack trace is given. The program then exits with exit code 0.

This is based on execution in both JDK 1.5 and 1.6, same behavior.

Doesn't matter the error. NPE looks like "Error: null", Divide by zero (test error) is Error: / by 0

All without stack traces.

The debugger doesn't seem to catch it either in a main try/catch block--very strange.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I've never seen this behaviour in IDEA ... at least not when this was not my fault (or from some code i was using).

What you describe looks like some code doing a "System.out.println(e.getMessage())".
Are you positively sure that the System.exit isn't in your code (or some library you're using) ?


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